Decline and fall of metal?

Intelligent hessians may be more or less worried about the significant decrease in quality of albums coming out each year since 1995 or so. Like the social decay around us, it seems so pervasive that it’s easy to be fatalistic about it: “metal is dead” comes from the same frame of mind as “there’s no future”. Bollocks. The future is determined by those who build and create. Without those people, only destruction and stupidity can be the default. Should we blame idiots for being idiots and morons for being morons? No, but we can blame intelligent and creative individuals for being lazy and not bringing more quality works to the table.

The latest works by Celtic Frost, Profanatica and Beherit prove that, while there may not be more aesthetical and technical innovations in metal, there’s still a lot more room to cover when it comes to create great music.

The secret for those bands and for future newcomers alike would be to focus less on the appearance and instead, see if they can build on the works of the past by creating music that focus on expressing something that the artist sees in the world and wants to share using the unique language of metal music.

Instead, what we get today is bands rehashing the old stuff, minus the passion and the care for detail and structure. The big problem here is having the wrong motivation: instead of creating for the sake of creating something cool, satisfying and superior, most bands today focus on how their music sounds like some other band from the past because they forget that what makes metal special is not the outer appearance, but its unique passion and venom, two factors that can only come from the creative drive of the individual and his or her ability to see the beauty in conflict, war, death, depression, disease, etc.

Current metal scenes are nests for socialization and conformity. For metal to keep going, the most intelligent and passionate must group themselves into an opposition to the current moronic mentality, create great music inspired in the past while aiming towards the future and enforce hessian values: non-conformity, anti-humanism, reverence for culture and the ways of the past, love towards nature and a respect and recognition for all that is labeled as “negative” by society only because is beyond the control of the individual.

With organization and the careful picking of only the best music that currently comes out we should see an increase in the quality of metal and its subculture. That way, this decline and fall would, in a near future, be acknowledged as a temporary depression after which metal came back stronger and more glorious and lucid than ever before.

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