International Day of Slayer – A hessian call to arms

Next June 6, 2009, every hessian worldwide will be blasting the Slayer album(s) of his/her choice at the home, car, backyard, public square, school, work, daycare center, church, etc.

For years known as the National Day of Slayer, this celebration became so popular with hessians all over the planet that from this year on it will become International.

We should all work to make this year’s celebration the biggest one yet. Here’s a number of things you can do in addition to listening to Slayer at full volume:

– Wear Slayer t-shirts and related armor.
– Organize Slay-in parties with local hessians.
– Take your Slayer LPs out and show them around the city.
– Talk with local DJs about making Slayer specials for this day.
– Make Slayer banners and organize manifestations in public places.
– Print flyers explaining to common people what makes Slayer the best band in the whole world. Put them up on all public places.
– Explain to all people who ask just what the hell is wrong with you, you psycho, what this day is about.

On this most glorious day, make sure that you wave the Hessian official flag. Join us in this massive celebration of metal’s values!

Inter-National Day of Slayer official website

National Day of Slayer @ the ANUS

National Day of Slayer @

Official Slayer website

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