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Guitar solo expertise in metal

Instrumental skill may be one of the attributes of metal that most attracts the attention of outsiders to the genre. It’s something that immediately jumps to the eye, the technical display of instrumental virtuosism that makes one go: “wow, that … Continue reading

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Too much indiscriminate band support is negative and can eventually kill the underground

A metal scene can be defined as a network of people working to promote metal in a certain locality. If done properly, it can be extremely beneficial for the promotion of metal music, but it can also turn into something … Continue reading

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Madison hessian slay-in for IDoS – report and pics

Thanks to “Jim Necroslaughter” we now have photos and a full report of the hessian slay-in that took place in Madison, Wisconsin, this past June 6th for International Day of Slayer: Saturday June 6th, 2009, was a rainy, overcast day … Continue reading

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From the past comes the storms: metal's connection to the past

Metal, through its lyricism and imagery, and some might say, its feeling, tries in a very obvious way to link itself to the past, whether by telling the story of the armies that fought in World War II or by … Continue reading

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Online mixtape with the best of current underground metal added to the site

The list below is a sample of what we believe is the best of the current crop of underground metal, made in order to keep both newcomers to the genre as well as experienced hessians aware of what good metal … Continue reading

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Hessian Studies flyer available for download

HSC flyer in printable PDF format Thanks to grandinquisitor2 from the Metal Hall forum for making this flyer in demand of an academic hessian studies program. Print it and deliver everywhere in your campus. Demand the right for intellectual recognition … Continue reading

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A merry and most headbangable International Day of Slayer to all!

Today, June 6th, is International Day of Slayer. Many dedicated people, among them the fearsome IDoS task force, have worked to make this event the biggest yet. You may ask, if interested (and damn you if you’re not), what can … Continue reading

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