A merry and most headbangable International Day of Slayer to all!

This is the album you should be playing today

Today, June 6th, is International Day of Slayer. Many dedicated people, among them the fearsome IDoS task force, have worked to make this event the biggest yet.

You may ask, if interested (and damn you if you’re not), what can one do to celebrate and fully enjoy this day? Easy: by incommodating your parents/neighbours/girlfriend/dog all day long, playing your favorite Slayer(s) album(s) at maximum volume.

But I feel that what’s been said is enough, and we shall preach no more. Today, blast yer speakers through the boundaries of hell! NO APPARENT MOTIVE, JUST KILL AND KILL AGAIN!!


Comprehensive Slayer history @ slayerized.com

Facts you probably didn’t know about Slayer, also @ slayerized.com

mp3 and FLAC bootlegs (in case some of you poseurs don’t have a Slayer album handy for today):

Slayer – Live 1984-1992

Slayer – Violent Brains – Live in Netherlands – May 28th, 1985

Slayer 1985-06-20 Blue Moon Circus, Oberhausen (soundboard – FLAC)

Slayer – Slayer – October 4, 1990 – Rheingoldhalle – Mainz, Germany FLAC:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Slayer – Live Dead (Unreleased)
Part 1
Part 2

Slayer Backing Tracks – bass and drum tracks to the first five albums (Unspeakably cool resource. I think instead of Slayer I’m going to be playing along “Chemical Warfare” all day on the guitar >:-] )

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