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Issue #2: A Fine Day to Die!

< > Contents: 1.  Prologue by Kaveh 2.  Until the Light Takes Us: A Review by Helmholtz 3.  Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead:  Review by Helmholtz 4.  Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare: Review by Kaveh 5.  Remembering Ronnie James … Continue reading

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Issue #1: Onwards to Golgotha!

> Contents: 1. Hessianism: Our Mission by Helmholtz 2. Worship, Religion, Art, and Metal by Helmholtz 3. Black Metal as a Spiritual Exercise by Wahn 4. Visual Arts in Hessian Culture by Kaveh 5. “Because You’ll Be Burned and Died” … Continue reading

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Kraftwerk, Celtic Frost and Burzum – the method of not sticking to one style or sound

As a humble attempt to bring some ideas to the table in order to reverse the current backwards trend that plagues the underground, we’ll present to you an approach at music making that was tried by few bands in metal, … Continue reading

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Online mixtape with the best of current underground metal added to the site

The list below is a sample of what we believe is the best of the current crop of underground metal, made in order to keep both newcomers to the genre as well as experienced hessians aware of what good metal … Continue reading

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