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Black sheeps bred in turbulent times: metal, hardcore punk and industrial

At all times, the function of art is to bring its audience as close to reality as possible, whether that reality is circunscribed to a certain group, in which its particular culture connects the group to a larger living frame, … Continue reading

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The ugly side of life is pure beauty for the hessian

There’s a very nice short story from the booklet of Burzum’s album Filosofem that reminds me a lot of the misunderstood path that the hessian chooses as life: Creeping And Crawling, Rustling And Fluttering “There are two natural lights in … Continue reading

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From the past comes the storms: metal's connection to the past

Metal, through its lyricism and imagery, and some might say, its feeling, tries in a very obvious way to link itself to the past, whether by telling the story of the armies that fought in World War II or by … Continue reading

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Decline and fall of metal?

Intelligent hessians may be more or less worried about the significant decrease in quality of albums coming out each year since 1995 or so. Like the social decay around us, it seems so pervasive that it’s easy to be fatalistic … Continue reading

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