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Issue #2: A Fine Day to Die!

< > Contents: 1.  Prologue by Kaveh 2.  Until the Light Takes Us: A Review by Helmholtz 3.  Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead:  Review by Helmholtz 4.  Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare: Review by Kaveh 5.  Remembering Ronnie James … Continue reading

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Metal needs to be fresh again

Those of you who regularly check the blog posts written here have surely noticed that we at the Hessian Studies Center care a lot about the future of underground metal music. And right now, that future is uncertain: the scene … Continue reading

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Kraftwerk, Celtic Frost and Burzum – the method of not sticking to one style or sound

As a humble attempt to bring some ideas to the table in order to reverse the current backwards trend that plagues the underground, we’ll present to you an approach at music making that was tried by few bands in metal, … Continue reading

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Scientific study states genetic basis of musical competence and links music with communication

Shedding more light on our statement that artistic aptitude in metal is a rare trait, a University of HELLsinki study reveals that musicality is more of an inborn characteristic than most think: In the study high music test scores were … Continue reading

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Decline and fall of metal?

Intelligent hessians may be more or less worried about the significant decrease in quality of albums coming out each year since 1995 or so. Like the social decay around us, it seems so pervasive that it’s easy to be fatalistic … Continue reading

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