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Issue #3: Helpless Prey To Immortality

< Contents: 1. Prologue by Helmholtz 2. The Ritual of Metal Performance in Concert by Helmholtz 3. Stoner Adventures: Vol. Zero by Kaveh 4. Drunk with Fire by Helmholtz 5. Tangerine Dream – Ricochet: Review by Kaveh 6. Music as … Continue reading

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Issue #1: Onwards to Golgotha!

> Contents: 1. Hessianism: Our Mission by Helmholtz 2. Worship, Religion, Art, and Metal by Helmholtz 3. Black Metal as a Spiritual Exercise by Wahn 4. Visual Arts in Hessian Culture by Kaveh 5. “Because You’ll Be Burned and Died” … Continue reading

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What is an elective culture and why does it apply to hessians?

You may have noticed in previous posts on this blog the phrase “elective culture” and its application to the definition of hessianism. Basically, our assertion is that hessianism is a culture in which you’re not born into. “Elective” implies here … Continue reading

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IDoS task force send US President a petition to make June 6 a Hessian holiday

From the International Day of Slayer site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE International Day of Slayer petitions the White House SUMMARY The International Day of Slayer Task Force has petitioned President Barack Obama to make the National Day of Slayer an official … Continue reading

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