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Issue #2: A Fine Day to Die!

< > Contents: 1.  Prologue by Kaveh 2.  Until the Light Takes Us: A Review by Helmholtz 3.  Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead:  Review by Helmholtz 4.  Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare: Review by Kaveh 5.  Remembering Ronnie James … Continue reading

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Metal needs to be fresh again

Those of you who regularly check the blog posts written here have surely noticed that we at the Hessian Studies Center care a lot about the future of underground metal music. And right now, that future is uncertain: the scene … Continue reading

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From the past comes the storms: metal's connection to the past

Metal, through its lyricism and imagery, and some might say, its feeling, tries in a very obvious way to link itself to the past, whether by telling the story of the armies that fought in World War II or by … Continue reading

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Knowing the music you listen to is key to strengthening yourself and the metal subculture

I guess the following affirmation will not be a newsflash to anyone reading this, but most music sucks. What makes bad music? A number of things which are numerous and complex, but which can be distilled for the sake of … Continue reading

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